This type of therapy can complement chiropractic care because it can help add addition dimensions to healing and recovery, both physical and emotional.

It can offer many benefits including:
Temporary relief of minor aches and pains
Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
Deep relaxation that provides a feeling of well-being
Increased circulation in local areas where its being massaged
Relief for muscle soreness, stiffness and tension

Open, Seated Design
The lounge model is engineered for those who want to relax, but don’t have the time or desire to lie down and close their eyes.

Smooth Wave Traveling Massage
Jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, giving the user control of where to concentrate the massage.

Water Through Air Technology
The user rests comfortably above the water level, providing user stability and delivering maximum potential massage pressure.

Water massage is great start or finish to a salon experience for yourself. Compared to hands-on massage, HydroMassage is substantially more affordable for you.