Tanning Year-Round?

Tanning year-round is known to mimic the benefits of direct sunlight including:

  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Aiding in the bodies natural ability to produce Vitamin D
  • Increasing your bodies resistance to sun exposure
  • Improving energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

Is Eyewear Necessary?

In brief conclusion, Yes! Absolutely. Your eyes do not possess the ability to protect themselves from UV rays, so to avoid damage eyewear is always the way to go.

Oils and Lotions?

You cannot use outdoor oils or lotions in indoor beds, but Bronze Bootique has a wide variety of tanning lotions and oils that are perfect for your indoor tanning experience. Improve your glow with some lotion to improve your skin post tan. Ask one of our representatives for more information.

How Long Does It Take?

Tanning is a process, and the first time will likely show minimal results, but the more you tan the better your summer glow will look.

*Most skin types show a change after two or three sessions and beautiful results after 8-10. After that, it should take once or twice a week to maintain your preferred tan.

What is the Process?

UVB is known to produce melanin ( a pigment tone) to the skin which is oxidized by UVA, darkening the color. As skin sheds your tan will fade, so repeated exposure to UVA's will maintain that glow.

*Note: different skin types darken differently, so it will all depend on factors like the amount of melanin you have, your reaction to ultraviolet light, and time of exposure.

~Skin Care~

If you plan to tan indoors it is ideal to choose some kind of tanning accelerator. By using one of these products, your tanning color will be more even and require less intense exposure to the ultraviolet lights. This will maintain your moisture levels as well and create optimal post tanning skin to hold the color longer.

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After Your Workout

When you engage in physical activity of any kind you tend to lose moisture throught the skin. The best advice is to reapply moisturizer post-workout to limit your chances of a faded tan.


Water Is Your Best Friend

The best advice you can have on hand is that your body needs water to replenish the skin after a tanning treatment. It takes at least 8 glasses of water a day to rehydrate stressed and tired skin.

*Some added benefits of 8 glasses a day include clearer skin and weight loss too.


Forces of Nature

Seasons change and each one can pose a risk to your tan. Summer is oppressively hot, chlorine in pools, and the sand and salt at the beach all work against your skin. Winter has a clear lack of humidity in the air and wind conditions remove critical moisture from your skin. Adding a moisturizer into the mix can limit the effects of outside environments have on your fresh tanned skin.

Next Steps...

Contact us and consult with one of our skilled staff members on your tanning needs, or stop in and see what your skin can do for you this season with a nonstop summer glow. Remember to check out our specials page for tanning packages on sale and other daily options.