What is VersaSpa?

VersaSpa is an easy way to get that summer glow without using a traditional tanning bed. Created using a combination of both green and brown marine algae, fully rejuvenate your skin and detoxify for a natural looking color. In a quick session control your tanning from a natural look to a darker tone. With Eco-Certified ingredients, there is little to no damage to your natural skin, no blemishes from clogged pores, and no streaks!

Restore your skin with long-lasting results in tanning for firmer and more hydrated skin. VersaSpa incorporates Odor-Ban 200™ among their list of ingredients to remove the hassle of tanning odor leaving you only with stunning results.

Bronze Bootique is proud to offer this service to our clients and any questions about tanning prep or VersaSpa, in general, we would be more than happy to answer. Stop in one of our locations to receive more information on what VersaSpa can do for your tanning experience.

How do I avoid the orange undertone when tanning?

The orange discoloration to your skin is possible from overapplication or using products with lower standards in their ingredient selection.

Versa Spa uses Eco-Certified ingredients in their products to counter the orange glow and provide an even application.

Will the sunless tanning bronzer stain my clothes, bedding, etc.?

The tanning solution itself is water-soluble and any residue should wash off in the shower, but it is recommended you not wear tight-fitting clothes or ones with light colors to avoid the risk.

If you have any questions on post tanning care after your session or before; we would be happy to answer!

How can I avoid an uneven fade, look more natural and less spotty?

This happens naturally to the epidermis layer of the skin over time. As your skin exfoliates itself, the under layers of the skin are not tan, so as a result, spotty fading happens.

How to avoid this? exfoliate your skin where the fading areas for a couple of days to keep your coloration even.

Will VersaSpa products cause breakouts and can I use on sensitive skin?

The product is meant to be applied to your face and other areas of the body where breakouts can happen. The ingredients are non-comedogenic which means your skin will not break out from clogged pores because of the tan.

Just don't forget after your session to keep your skin exfoliated!

What if you have tattoos?

Your tattoos are perfectly safe if you go in for a session. The coloration will not be altered drastically and should still be prominent after the initial residue is washed off.

Find the best color palette for your spray tan and let your skin glow with the results!